28 hours and counting

I’m coming to an end of my first day of my trip (technically second if you count all the flying to Poland yesterday) and I couldn’t be loving it anymore already!! There is so much green land which really surprised me, and the trinkets and gifts are absolutely amazing. I’ve been up for 28 hours straight at this point since I didn’t sleep on any of my flights. It’s 5:15 pm here and 10:15 am back home which means I’ve been awake from 7:00 on Monday to 10:15 on Tuesday if you think about it. I’m crashing but we were advised not to nap before dinner to save our sleep for the night! Today, throughout all my grogginess, I’ve learned three very important things about myself:

  1. My chicken tender and mac and cheese diet is not going to cut it. 
  2. I cannot for the life of me sleep on a plane. 
  3. Pigeons scare the poop out of me!

There are birds everywhere in this place. They will literally fly at your head or jump up next to you randomly as you walk by. Freakiest thing in the world! ANYWAY, I’m super excited for pierogies for dinner, and can’t wait for another day of fun tomorrow!! xoxo


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