The Day with the Fried Cheese

So I’m very much getting into the ways of the land over here. I almost got hit by a car only once today, and I’m learning how to communicate with people who don’t really speak English. We started off our morning with memories of last night. We decided to go out for a beer after dinner and wound up staying out for hours shooting the shit. The least I can say is it was wild. This morning breakfast was delicious. I had eggs and toast because, you know, I have the appetite of a small child. After filling up, we headed to the Jewish ghetto and found our way to Schindler’s Factory. This is where the movie Shindler’s List was based off of (incase you couldn’t put the two and two together.) For dinner a few of my friends and I went to a restaurant in the main square. I had fried cheese with ham and honestly it was quite delicious. I’d get it a hundred times more if I wouldn’t blow up like a balloon. Anyway! Tomorrow I have to be up and put for a trip to Auschwitz at 6:15, so we’re all heading to bed now. Can’t wait for tomorrow and my last day in Poland before I head to Czech Republic!  


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