Wake up, wake up beruskys

Today was a day of sleep to say the least. We left Poland this morning and drove two hours for a stop at the polish police academy which was really interesting. Unlike our police academies they had a simulation village with fake banks and pharmacy a to practice drills and a martial arts gym. Then we drove another six hours to the Czech Republic. Last night was crazy and so we all got about 3 hours of sleep to prepare for today and therefore passed out for all eight hours on our bus. Not quite sure how I’m going to sleep tonight. I can’t explain how many times I heard “wake up, wake up little beruskys” today. In Czech, beruskys means lady bugs and that what our tour guide calls us when she wants us all to listen up. I am so excited to be in the Czech Republic now with all the fried cheese in the world, and now it’s time for this little berusky to “sleep, sleep.” 


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