Tomato Soup Hunt 

Today was a better day weather wise, but the time difference is still really getting to me. A few of us went out for a bit last night and I really should’ve caught up on sleep instead. This morning we woke early to go to Terezin which is not only a town, but a concentration camp in Czech. This camp had two parts to it; the large and small. In the small part Jews, political prisoners, and POWs alike were kept there. In the bigger “ghetto” part it was only Jews. This camp was not as big on executions as some of the others. It was more of a transfer camp where prisoners would stay there for a while before getting transported. There were roughly 60 transports of 1,000 prisoners where anywhere from 0-8 of each transport survived the war. Can you imagine a place as such? We went into a few museums while we were in Terezin, but the one that stuck out most was the children’s museum. The walls were covered in the names of those who died, and their paintings and drawings from the war were hung. I lived such a fairytale childhood, I can’t imagine going through anything like that. Our second half of the day was spent in Lidice. We watched the movie based on it last night so it was really amazing to be standing where the original city was burned to the ground. 86 children and every single adult male were killed as well as some of the women not surviving. Those who lived came back to no home and no family and the land is now a memorial park. How could something to beautiful lay over something so tragic? If you have a chance I really suggest you watch it! Tonightafter I look for some tomato soup we’re going on a ghost tour so I’m really excited for that!! Wish me luck and hope I don’t get haunted! 


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