Snow White’s Cabin

Today was one of my favorite days so far. We woke up, ate, and were out the door for an overnight adventure. Our first stop was a glass factory where they made hand blown glass sculptures. My tour guide asked for two volunteers and after picking me announced that I was going to be able to blow my own glass. They said I was a natural because I was able to twist and blow the glass perfectly. When I shaped it I just kind of pulled and twisted and my glass resembled a slug, so when I went to the gift shop I bought myself a glass snail as a memory (as much as I wanted the pig). I am so grateful for my chance to do this! After the glass factory we headed to the brewery. PilsnerUrquell is the first brewery to make lager in the world. They are famous for their golden lager, which I didn’t know until I came. The brewery was amazing. The barrels for fermentation and the holding tubes were absolutely gigantic. After in the souvenir shop, I found a pink beer which was really cool because pink is my favorite color. To be honest, it tasted relatively similar to a fruit roll up which was a little too much foof for even me to handle. My lunch today was fantastic. Four of us went to a pub because the bistro next door was closed. I got a regular old burger with cheese, bacon, onion, lettuce, and secret sauce, but it tasted so much better than any burger I’ve ever had. As my side I got roasted green beans with onion and bacon which was a little bit of a stretch from what I usually eat. Those were delicious as well. We traveled two more hours to Cesky Krumlov and we’re staying overnight in the cutest bed and breakfast where it feels like I’m in Snow White’s cabin. My birthday is in four hours here. Very excited for tomorrow!!!!


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