Do Re Me Fa…..

When you hear someone mention the 1940s what do you think of? I think of WWII and the holocaust. That may just be because I’m here in the Czech Republic and there’s a lot of talk and remembrance of that era going on. Either way, there is one person I’ve learned about who has really stuck out to me and that was Nicholas Winton. During the 1940s he saved over 600 children from the nazis in Prague. He went to their families and told them he’d keep the children safe and return them after the war. Now I’m not sure I would trust some strange man with my children, but these men and women were desperate. Winton found families all across the UK to watch these children and as promised, he returned who he could to their families after 1945. Nicholas Winton was a very humble man. He never told anyone of his work and his wife never even knew until she found the list of the children’s information in their attic decades later. A fun fact about this wonderful man is today, May 19th, is his birthday. Sounds familiar? Well today, May 19th, is also my birthday and nothing makes me feel more special than sharing today with him. Today was a wonderful day to celebrate my birthday on. We woke up in Cesky Krumlov (which makes sense because we slept here) and we took a tour of the tiny town and visited their gorgeous theater. For lunch a few of my friends and I went to a little sandwich shop which was delicious, and then we did some shopping. I bought myself the nicest wool slippers and I am very excited to wear them despite the sweltering summer weather coming my way. We then went to Sudetenland where The Sound of Music was filmed. Or at least the part where Maria is dancing in the fields is filmed there. Anyone who really, really knows me knows The Sound of Music has to be in my top two favorite movies. If there was any birthday gift I could’ve gotten today it would’ve been to go here. When we got to Sudetenland, we hiked a mile and wound up at the Austrian/Czech border where I took pictures standing in two countries. So many cool things are happening today to make it so special for me. Eva (our tour guide) randomly started staring at me and singing and it took my a second to realize she was singing me happy birthday. Then she pulled out little ladybug girl earrings. Incase you don’t remember, Eva calls us “beruskys” which means “ladybugs” in Czech, so it was really sweet of her!! I am very excited to head back to Prague to go out and celebrate turning 20!!!


One thought on “Do Re Me Fa…..

  1. Maura Naples says:

    I adore The Sound of Music!! I remember seeing it in the movie theaters when I was what … six years old? Great story about the birthday sharing, too.


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