The Final Post (for now)

Hello Readers!! I am sitting in the Tampa airport with a direct flight to Providence which means I am clearly not in Europe anymore.. I am not very happy about it, but I am so thankful for the experiences I have been given. I may or may not still post occasionally if I take a day trip or two (this is “Kaylavatheworld” you know), but for now I am just going to sign off with some small things from this trip.

Things I Learned:

  • Details about the Holocaust that my high school history teachers never told me about
  • Pigeons in Europe are absolutely wild
  • You can eat tomato soup twice a day if you want to
  • How to blow glass
  • They sell pink beer in the Czech Republic
  • The Sound of Music was filmed in Sudetenland
  • You can blow through money very quickly in Europe
  • Polish police are so much more fit than Americans

Things I wouldn’t change:

  • The friendships I made
  • The amount of fried cheese I ate
  • How happy exploring makes me
  • Buying my wool slippers
  • The amazing pictures I got of the beautiful views
  • Bringing Spuddy, my stuffed potato, with me (he made a great pillow on the bus)
  • Doing what made me happy

Things I MAY do differently:

  • get out of my comfort zone even more with food
  • pack warmer clothes like hats and gloves
  • sleep a little more
  • stop ignoring my school work and get my mandatory czech “crime-related” news paper article earlier in the trip
  • I actually don’t think I would change a thing… so…

I really don’t think I could tell you guys EVERYTHING about my trip… It was so amazing, and I can’t wait to go back one day!


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