Sassy in St. Louis

Please bare with me as I’m sure this post is about to be longer than I expect. I just have too much to share about my experiences this weekend to put it into short terms. As some of you know, and maybe some of you don’t, I was selected with my friend Rayanna to be one of the FL Zeta’s to attend the first ever Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute. When I say first EVER I’m saying that this weekend we made history, and 25 years from now when they show an anniversary video, it’ll be my face on the screen.

There was so much we learned but everything was based off of six main points (which I cannot tell you because you may not be a Pi Phi.) Despite that, there were some things that really changed my view of myself and my leadership and here they are:

1) You may not think you have a passion in life or a vision but if you really sit down and think about what in the world pains and sorrows you, one will appear.
2) Going off of that, my passion is children in tough family and home situations. I have come to realize that I don’t want any child to go without what I had as a kid, and I will do everything in life to try and help.
3) Everyone is different. We all have different learning styles, different strengths, different fears, and different weaknesses. We all have different genetics so this makes sense, and it is totally okay to be different from the person standing next to you.
4) When explaining what you’re doing to someone, try and explain to them WHY you’re doing it. They’re more likely to help you out or want to do it if they know the backstory of why they are.
5) Because everyone thinks differently, collaborating with others is key. People have different ways of approaching things and maybe they can help you do something more efficiently, so don’t write them off just because their minds work differently than yours.
6) No story is a good story without both ups and downs. Not everything in life will be positive, so ride out the bad waves and look forward to a happier future.
7) Sometimes it’s good to think INSIDE the box. The answer may be right in front of you. Try to clear your mind and think of things simply before overworking yourself.
8) It’s okay to be emotional. Play off of others emotions as well for a deeper understanding of a situation.
9) Don’t be afraid of change. If someone is no longer in your life, it is for a reason. If you have to do something new, it is for a reason. Every change in life opens the door for more things to come.
10) Confidence is key, and I’m not talking like cocky “I’m the best” stuff. I’m talking about real authentic confidence. You don’t have to think you’re the prettiest or the funniest but be confident in the strengths that you DO have and stop dwelling on the ones you need work with.
11) Going off of that, stop dwelling on the past. You can’t change it, but you can change your future, so chin up!
12) Have fun, and love life. You only have one of them!

I’m done rambling for now, but I hope if you took the time to read this, you learned something. I may not have told you exactly what I learned this weekend, but I told you what it did for me as a woman and as a leader. The friends I’ve made are unbelievable and I am so proud to call them my sisters. Can’t wait to live life with this new outlook!