The Adventure of Absolutely No Adventure at All

I didn’t think I had been anywhere cool in the past two months, but after my dad begging me to blog again, I realized that being back in Tampa is an adventure in it’s own. Life here is unbelievably different than being back home, and I have been a happier, goofier version of myself since I’ve moved in.

I have A LOT of stuff going on in my life right now as I’m sure all of you have seen from my Facebook pictures. School is obviously the most important and that has been a little different than past semesters. It’s not that my classes are difficult. They’re almost a little too easy for it being Junior year. You would think I’d be working my ass off, but my classes never have any homework so I feel like the semester hasn’t even started even though midterms are in a week. I really don’t want to think about those, though…

Since classes are simple, I decided to get a job to help pay for my shopping and eating addictions. It doesn’t hurt that my parents let me bring the whip to school so I can drive myself around whenever I want. I’m working in the cutest little health food restaurant and I get to wear a visor to work everyday which is absolutely hilarious. I really enjoy it, and it’s keeping my mind busy.

College in itself is a wild adventure. I’m still being the crazy Kayla that I have been the past two years. I’m getting myself into trouble, but also getting myself into a lot of really great opportunities, which is necessary for every college kid. It’s been hitting me hard that I’m already in my third year. I don’t want to think about graduating and growing up, but the thought has been on my mind a lot lately. Hopefully these memories don’t fly past as fast as I’m thinking they will.

Anyway, that’s just a catch up on how my life has been going. You’re welcome for the update, Kevin Brown.