Thankful for Turkey

It’s turkey day and after a rough semester, I can sit today and remember all the great things I really have going on in my life. I’m truly thankful for so many things including:

  1. My family- for always being there to FaceTime when I’m having a bad day and for welcoming me home like I never left
  2. My friends- both home friends and school friends (lol) for dealing with all of my shit and laughing at my dumb jokes always
  3. My dogs- for being the cutest pups in the world and attacking me every morning
  4. My school- for being so beautiful and warm and perfect
  5. My stuffed potato Spuddy- for letting me sleep with him every night whether I’m happy or sad
  6. Mac and Cheese- or really all food, for keeping me full and making my life great
  7. Criminals- for making me realize I wanted to study Criminology and giving me a path to walk life on
  8. Pi Phi- for being the greatest sorority in the country and forcing me to come out of my shell
  9. Panhellenic- for electing me to be on their new executive board and giving me something to do with my life for the next year
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas- for being my favorite movie
  11. Sleeping- for being my favorite thing to do and giving me something to look forward to each day
  12. My wool slippers- for keeping my feet warm even though they’re sitting in Florida right now
  13. Life- for being pretty cool



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