21 Things I Must do Before Being 21 is Over

My 21st birthday was three weeks ago today, but it seems like months ago. I’m home for the summer and while I’m juggling my internship, a job, and family and friend time, I still get a little bored some days. I’ve come up with a list of 21 things I want to do before I turn 22 to keep me occupied for the next few months of summer and the months after that.

  1. Graduate College– I’m graduating in December, so really I just need to keep on top of my schoolwork until then. This is a pretty easy goal, but probably the biggest accomplishment on my list!
  2. Get a big girl job- Following said graduation, I want to get a job that’s actually in my field. While I love the restaurant I work at in Tampa, I do not want to work there forever. I’m very interested in a child protection position in Tampa, and if that doesn’t work out, who knows maybe I’ll come home and work in Connecticut!
  3. Lose the 15 pounds my body really shouldn’t be holding- Every goal seems to be piling on top of each other at this point… This child protection position I’ve been looking at requires me to pass a police physical exam. That means I need to lose the 10-15 pounds that someone my height really shouldn’t be carrying, and be able to make it up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. I really don’t know if I can do this one, but I’m sure as hell going to try.
  4. Go somewhere I’ve never been- I don’t care if this one is a new country or a new state. Even a new city would suffice. I just want to go somewhere I’ve never been whether I’ve always wanted to go or don’t even know it exists as I’m writing this post.
  5. Read a book- For those of you who went to high school with me or live with me, you probably know that I used to read all the time. I would go through 1-2 books in a week, and I don’t think I’ve read a single one all the way through just for my pleasure since I started college. If anyone has any good book suggestions let a girl know! I like Nicholas Sparks (I’ve read them all), anything about serial killers, and anything about the holocaust… I’m weird I know.
  6. Move into my own place- This is so important. Of course if I do come home to Connecticut after graduation, I’ll probably move back in with mom and dad for a little until I get my feet on the ground, but if I stay in Tampa, I’ll need my own place. I’m very excited for apartment decoration though!!!
  7. Learn how to cook- As of this moment, I can cook pasta, mac and cheese, and tomato soup. Sometimes I can even put frozen things in the oven! Hopefully I’ll learn how to cook soon, or at least how to follow recipes without failing miserably.
  8. Participate in my very first bar crawl- I already have this all planned out. Halloweekend, here I come. I even have the costume and Instagram caption on deck.
  9. Find a new hobby- I don’t really have any hobbies which is super sad. There’s really nothing I like to do in my spare time (except napping, of course). I’d like to pick up something new, and hopefully I’ll stick to it!
  10. Spend more time with family and friends- I think I already do this when I’m home pretty well, but especially this past semester I had so much homework that I didn’t get to hang with my school friends as much as past semesters. Hopefully that changes this final semester!
  11. Let go of the past- Total struggle lately…. Your girl needs to stop dwelling on things that happened years ago, and just grow tf up.
  12. Be recognized for doing something good- Everyone always feels like they’re not appreciated for the things they do, and I am included!!! For once, it’d be nice to be recognized for doing something, even if it’s for winning a relay race at a greek event or for the world record for longest nap.
  13. Buy something adult-y- Yes, I may be paying for an apartment soon, but I’d like to buy something else that adults usually buy. It could be something as small as a vacuum, I don’t know… Just something.
  14. Do something I’ve never done- I haven’t done a lot of things, so experiencing something new would be cool! It could be anything under the sun!
  15. Get another tattoo- I was supposed to do this months ago. I have a tattoo for my dad, and a tattoo for my mom. I kind of want another, but something small of course!
  16. Get more articles published- So you guys probably always see the articles I write for my school’s chapter of “Her Campus”. Well Her Campus is a whole site, not just a UT thing, and two months ago I sent them an anonymous article, and they published it! I had no idea until I saw my article retweeted onto my twitter timeline by a huge twitter account that I don’t even follow. I’d love to be published again whether on Her Campus or somewhere else, but this time not anonymously!
  17. Try a food I’ve never had- This is hard because I’m such a picky eater, but with eating healthier (to accomplish goal #3), I’m hoping I can complete it! Carrots here I come!!! okay maybe not carrots…
  18. Do something that completely goes against one of my fears- My fears include heights, roller coasters, ovens, bananas, Pirates of the Caribbean, snakes, and bugs. Maybe this year I’ll do something to ‘x’ one of those things off my list!
  19. Take more pictures and videos of life- I absolutely want to make a montage of my college memories for when I graduate, so I need some more videos for that this last semester!
  20. Make new friends- I have the worst fear of talking to people I don’t know. I’m not going to lie, at my internship, I eat my lunch at my desk to avoid talking to anyone I don’t know. Hopefully I can stop being so shy, and make some new friends!
  21. Be as happy as a clam- super self explanatory… I’d just like to be happy 🙂



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