Being in a Sorority is the Dopest Thing I’ve ever Done

When I was in high school, I never saw myself being in a sorority. I was a cheerleader, but I was very quiet and didn’t really talk to anyone but my two closest friends and my high school boyfriend. When I traveled 1000 miles away from home to attend college, I needed something to keep me occupied since I decided not to continue cheerleading, so I chose joining a sorority, and it’s honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever done. 

Sororities are not all themed parties, doing each other’s nails, and watching The Bachelor. It’s so much more than that. My sorority has given me so many opportunities. I’ve been on two exec boards, attended a leadership institute, and this past weekend I flew to St. Louis for our 150th anniversary convention. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS, PEOPLE. It was such a special event. After 150 years, there have been 300,000 women initiated when we started with only 12. 

This weekend was not seminars and inspirational talks like the last two sorority trips I went on. Instead it was just lunches and time spent together celebrating the special light each and every Pi Beta Phi has brought to this world. I got to spend time with not only members and Alumnae’s from my chapter, but also with girls I met last summer at the Leadership Institute and new Pi Phi’s I’ve never met. I even ran into my childhood best friend who is the president of her chapter at UCONN (hey Lexi). 

We also set a goal to raise $150,000 over the weekend for the Pi Beta Phi Foundation which goes towards scholarships for Pi Phi women including graduate schools, keeping the fraternity at large in good financial standing, and philanthropic efforts, and I just saw we raised $240,000!!!! So exciting and I’m so proud to be a part of this organization. 

Convention is held every two years, and I’m hoping one day I can say that I’ve been to as many as our old Grand President, Sis, who has been to over 30. I don’t really know folks, I can’t explain the weekend easily. The whole thing was so fabulous, and I wish I could do it all over again!!! 



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