Irma, Internship, and other Ish

Hello family and sorority sisters who actually care to keep up with my life. I haven’t been doing anything special, so I haven’t felt the need to write in a very long while…. not since this summer actually. I obviously started my last semester of college, and at this point, I’m more than half way done with it. I’m starting to go into stress mode because I have to be a big girl soon. Not looking forward to it…. but then again I am. 

This semester got off to a weird start. Irma just about ruined everything. The first month of school was basically non-existent and sorority recruitment was supposed to be that weekend, so it got pushed back to this weekend. Luckily they’re allowing us to wear Halloween costumes instead of dresses, and we’ll be done just in time for actual Halloween night!! 

I am halfway done with my internship with the County Sheriff’s Office, and I love it. I’m required to do hours with all aspects of the department (patrol, dispatch, child protection, etc) so I’ve kind of been forced to try everything. I’m having so much fun, and I just applied to be a patrol officer for them after I graduate. I’m also in the hiring process for child protection in the county over, so hopefully one of the two works out in the end. I really don’t want to be without a job forever. 

Erik came to visit me two weekends ago!!! I missed him so much, and I was so happy he came. We just chilled all weekend, and ate, and drank. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait until I get to see him again. 

I’m moving into an apartment the first week of December. As much as I love Connecticut, I am happy to be staying in Tampa. It just fits me better I suppose. I’ve already gotten a bunch of stuff like bedding and pots and pans, or I should say my mom has gotten it (shout out). She rocks, and I feel so prepared already. I hope I love it as much as I think I’m going to. My place is gonna be so cute and girly I’m excited. 

There’s not really much else going on. My classes are real easy. I’m taking art therapy and sign language. I never have homework so I spend my free time sleeping which is a beautiful thing. I still got my cutie of a boyfriend. He’s doing well and we’re coming up on a year. How adorable (hi Michael).

Anyway, I’m just loving life and hopefully you are too!! Bye!!! 


The One Thing I DON’T Want to do Before Turning 22

Thanks to everyone who actually reads my blog posts. I’m totally awkward and annoying, but I’m glad you still keep up with my ramblings. I wrote an article about a month ago about 21 things I wanna do before I turn 22, and if you haven’t read it, Read Here!!! With that entire article said, there is one thing I know for sure I don’t want to do before turning 22, and that’s moving home after I graduate. 

Don’t get me wrong, home is not a bad place to be. My house itself is filled with love, family, and my pups, but Mystic as a whole, though it has its perks, just isn’t the ideal spot for me. It’s beautiful, and there sure as hell are some good places to eat, but the energy just isn’t my speed. Everyone kind of does the same thing day after day, year after year, and I like to think of myself as a little more adventurous than that. 

I really want to do everything I can to stay in Tampa for a little bit. I’m not sure I want to live there forever and raise a family and all that, but let’s be real that’s a lifetime away anyway. Tampa is just such a beautiful, wonderful place to be. It’s full of varieties of people, and the food is even better than Mystic. Believe it or not.

My entire life has changed for the better since I went down there on my own three years ago. I’m a brand new person, and trust me that’s a good thing. I’m a lot more social, and I’m a lot more open to trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m also a hundred times happier. Of course I’m happy at home, but it’s a different type of happiness. Like a carefree, true happiness when I’m in Tampa and not here in Connecticut. 

I would literally kill if it meant I could stay in Tampa (okay maybe not, hello exaggeration) but I would do whatever it takes. Even if that means working forty hours a week dishwashing at a shitty restaurant until I can find myself a real job. I would truly rather do that than come back to Mystic. My gut is just telling me to stay. 

Don’t get me wrong people, I’m not gonna sit back and not try to get a great job right out of school, but it’s not always that easy. I’m not expecting to be blessed by God or whoever, but I am going to work my ass off to get myself into a job somewhere in the criminology field. I have an internship at the County Sheriff’s Office this fall, so I’m going to try my hardest to get my foot in the door somewhere in their department as early in the semester as I can. 

Keep your fingers crossed, me in your prayers, and all that jazz. Peace out. 

Being in a Sorority is the Dopest Thing I’ve ever Done

When I was in high school, I never saw myself being in a sorority. I was a cheerleader, but I was very quiet and didn’t really talk to anyone but my two closest friends and my high school boyfriend. When I traveled 1000 miles away from home to attend college, I needed something to keep me occupied since I decided not to continue cheerleading, so I chose joining a sorority, and it’s honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever done. 

Sororities are not all themed parties, doing each other’s nails, and watching The Bachelor. It’s so much more than that. My sorority has given me so many opportunities. I’ve been on two exec boards, attended a leadership institute, and this past weekend I flew to St. Louis for our 150th anniversary convention. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS, PEOPLE. It was such a special event. After 150 years, there have been 300,000 women initiated when we started with only 12. 

This weekend was not seminars and inspirational talks like the last two sorority trips I went on. Instead it was just lunches and time spent together celebrating the special light each and every Pi Beta Phi has brought to this world. I got to spend time with not only members and Alumnae’s from my chapter, but also with girls I met last summer at the Leadership Institute and new Pi Phi’s I’ve never met. I even ran into my childhood best friend who is the president of her chapter at UCONN (hey Lexi). 

We also set a goal to raise $150,000 over the weekend for the Pi Beta Phi Foundation which goes towards scholarships for Pi Phi women including graduate schools, keeping the fraternity at large in good financial standing, and philanthropic efforts, and I just saw we raised $240,000!!!! So exciting and I’m so proud to be a part of this organization. 

Convention is held every two years, and I’m hoping one day I can say that I’ve been to as many as our old Grand President, Sis, who has been to over 30. I don’t really know folks, I can’t explain the weekend easily. The whole thing was so fabulous, and I wish I could do it all over again!!! 


21 Things I Must do Before Being 21 is Over

My 21st birthday was three weeks ago today, but it seems like months ago. I’m home for the summer and while I’m juggling my internship, a job, and family and friend time, I still get a little bored some days. I’ve come up with a list of 21 things I want to do before I turn 22 to keep me occupied for the next few months of summer and the months after that.

  1. Graduate College– I’m graduating in December, so really I just need to keep on top of my schoolwork until then. This is a pretty easy goal, but probably the biggest accomplishment on my list!
  2. Get a big girl job- Following said graduation, I want to get a job that’s actually in my field. While I love the restaurant I work at in Tampa, I do not want to work there forever. I’m very interested in a child protection position in Tampa, and if that doesn’t work out, who knows maybe I’ll come home and work in Connecticut!
  3. Lose the 15 pounds my body really shouldn’t be holding- Every goal seems to be piling on top of each other at this point… This child protection position I’ve been looking at requires me to pass a police physical exam. That means I need to lose the 10-15 pounds that someone my height really shouldn’t be carrying, and be able to make it up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. I really don’t know if I can do this one, but I’m sure as hell going to try.
  4. Go somewhere I’ve never been- I don’t care if this one is a new country or a new state. Even a new city would suffice. I just want to go somewhere I’ve never been whether I’ve always wanted to go or don’t even know it exists as I’m writing this post.
  5. Read a book- For those of you who went to high school with me or live with me, you probably know that I used to read all the time. I would go through 1-2 books in a week, and I don’t think I’ve read a single one all the way through just for my pleasure since I started college. If anyone has any good book suggestions let a girl know! I like Nicholas Sparks (I’ve read them all), anything about serial killers, and anything about the holocaust… I’m weird I know.
  6. Move into my own place- This is so important. Of course if I do come home to Connecticut after graduation, I’ll probably move back in with mom and dad for a little until I get my feet on the ground, but if I stay in Tampa, I’ll need my own place. I’m very excited for apartment decoration though!!!
  7. Learn how to cook- As of this moment, I can cook pasta, mac and cheese, and tomato soup. Sometimes I can even put frozen things in the oven! Hopefully I’ll learn how to cook soon, or at least how to follow recipes without failing miserably.
  8. Participate in my very first bar crawl- I already have this all planned out. Halloweekend, here I come. I even have the costume and Instagram caption on deck.
  9. Find a new hobby- I don’t really have any hobbies which is super sad. There’s really nothing I like to do in my spare time (except napping, of course). I’d like to pick up something new, and hopefully I’ll stick to it!
  10. Spend more time with family and friends- I think I already do this when I’m home pretty well, but especially this past semester I had so much homework that I didn’t get to hang with my school friends as much as past semesters. Hopefully that changes this final semester!
  11. Let go of the past- Total struggle lately…. Your girl needs to stop dwelling on things that happened years ago, and just grow tf up.
  12. Be recognized for doing something good- Everyone always feels like they’re not appreciated for the things they do, and I am included!!! For once, it’d be nice to be recognized for doing something, even if it’s for winning a relay race at a greek event or for the world record for longest nap.
  13. Buy something adult-y- Yes, I may be paying for an apartment soon, but I’d like to buy something else that adults usually buy. It could be something as small as a vacuum, I don’t know… Just something.
  14. Do something I’ve never done- I haven’t done a lot of things, so experiencing something new would be cool! It could be anything under the sun!
  15. Get another tattoo- I was supposed to do this months ago. I have a tattoo for my dad, and a tattoo for my mom. I kind of want another, but something small of course!
  16. Get more articles published- So you guys probably always see the articles I write for my school’s chapter of “Her Campus”. Well Her Campus is a whole site, not just a UT thing, and two months ago I sent them an anonymous article, and they published it! I had no idea until I saw my article retweeted onto my twitter timeline by a huge twitter account that I don’t even follow. I’d love to be published again whether on Her Campus or somewhere else, but this time not anonymously!
  17. Try a food I’ve never had- This is hard because I’m such a picky eater, but with eating healthier (to accomplish goal #3), I’m hoping I can complete it! Carrots here I come!!! okay maybe not carrots…
  18. Do something that completely goes against one of my fears- My fears include heights, roller coasters, ovens, bananas, Pirates of the Caribbean, snakes, and bugs. Maybe this year I’ll do something to ‘x’ one of those things off my list!
  19. Take more pictures and videos of life- I absolutely want to make a montage of my college memories for when I graduate, so I need some more videos for that this last semester!
  20. Make new friends- I have the worst fear of talking to people I don’t know. I’m not going to lie, at my internship, I eat my lunch at my desk to avoid talking to anyone I don’t know. Hopefully I can stop being so shy, and make some new friends!
  21. Be as happy as a clam- super self explanatory… I’d just like to be happy 🙂


Having an average month in a really good life

So I haven’t written in almost two months which is crazy because I’ve been living a whirlwind life. I have a lot going on, so I figured I’d fill you all in.

First off, I’m taking four classes for my major, so I’ve literally been DROWNING in schoolwork. At first, I was kind of half ass-ing my schoolwork just trying to get it done. I wanted to at least make sure I didn’t miss any assignments, and I wasn’t handing in my best work. My teacher (my favorite teacher, may I add) pulled me aside after class and basically told me to get my head out of my butt because we both knew I was a lot more capable of what I was doing. An hour later, I texted my boss and told him I couldn’t be working five days a week anymore because it was hampering my schoolwork, and since then I’ve been trying harder again. I have this teacher for two classes and they’re the hardest two classes I’ve taken at UT, which has made me even more stressed. But good news! After getting 70s on my first exams in both classes, I put my mind to it and got an 84 on my second test in Abnormal Behavior and Criminality and a 98 on my second test in Criminal Profiling! I know that seems so uninteresting, but I’m really just so happy to have earned those grades.

Another great thing that happened is I got chosen by my sorority chapter to go to Pi Phi’s convention this June. Convention is held once every two years, but this year is extra special because it’s our 150th anniversary. That’s why I’m so grateful that I’ve been selected. It’s clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’ll get to meet more Pi Phi’s from across the country as well as seeing some of the women I met at the Leadership Institute I went to this past July.

As some of you know, I’m graduating a semester early this December. It’s crazy to think about the fact that eight months from now, I either will be getting ready for grad school, or applying for a real job. I’m still up in the air about what I want to do after my undergrad, but I’m working towards it. Just an hour ago, I registered for my final semester. Don’t laugh, but I’ve completed my major requirements as well as my core requirements already, so I’m just taking foof classes to get to the 124 graduation requirement. Next semester, I’ve signed up for Juvenile Delinquency (the only class that has to do with my major), Beginner’s Sign Language (which I already took two years of in high school), Intro to Art Therapy, Beginner’s Jazz, and an Aesthetics and Creativity class (which a friend said you basically just draw and make projects the whole time). I know those classes seem like I’m taking the easy way out, but I’m excited to dip my feet into something new before I graduate. I’m also applying for a Victim’s Advocacy internship this summer, so hopefully that plays out in my favor.

While I was gone, I went to the Bahamas on a cruise for spring break, flew to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding, and went home for the weekend for a Brown family party. Life has been crazy and adventurous. I have formal tomorrow which is basically the sorority version of prom, so I’m excited for that. I’ll keep you all updated as life goes on! Thanks for keeping up with me 🙂


Leadership and Such

This weekend I was able to represent my school at the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values in Indianapolis. The entire conference was held to teach us about leadership in Greek life, and there was over 3,300 attendees from colleges across the country. Throughout the weekend there were three general sessions (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings) and 9 educational blocks. The ed blocks were roughly an hour long and each block had 10-15 different talks for students to choose to go to. I only went to 8 ed blocks because I really needed a coffee during one, but I learned a lot that I could also apply to my life as a whole. Here’s a little recap of what I learned:

Ed Block 1: Embracing Real Beauty

This session was held by Stacy Nadeau who was one of the six women in the dove “real women” campaign which photographed real women of all shapes and sizes and posted them on billboards and social media across the nation. She talked about the ups and downs of her journey and encouraged all of us to see ourselves as beautiful no matter what the media portrays as such.

General Session 2: Leading Imperfectly- The Value of Being Authentic for Fraternity & Sorority Leaders

James Robilotta talked about the five qualities of being a good leader. He said that most people said to make up a mnemonic device or an acronym to remember things so he made up the word “PEORM” which honestly isn’t a word at all. PEORM stands for purposeful, empower, own, real, and morals. You should lead with purpose and empower others around you to do the same. You should own your mistakes, be real to yourself, and use your morals when assessing situations. This presentation was hilarious and fun to listen to first thing in the morning.

Ed Block 2: Crucial Conversations in the College Panhellenic Judicial Process

I’m not going to lie this session was the toughest one for me to sit through because the material was a little dry. Though it wasn’t about glitter and rainbows, it was extremely helpful since I’m now on the Panhellenic exec board at my school. They taught me how to handle the judicial process when there are sorority infractions on campus.

Ed Block 3: Expanding the Expansion Conversation:

This presentation was done by my friend Morgan (and fellow Panhel exec member aka prez) and Brian Hoffman who used to be the Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor on my campus. We discussed being welcoming to new organizations on campus, but also how to be closer with people in other Greek life councils that are already there. On my campus we have multiple councils including Panhellenic (which my sorority is in), IFC (or the classic fraternities), NPHC (the historically black council) and MGC (the multicultural Greek council.) I guess I never realized how little I knew about other councils.

Ed Block 4: That Sex & Relationships Program

At first, I thought this program was going to be about sexual assault and I chose it because I thought it would be interesting with my Criminology major. It was actually more about holding healthy relationships whether you’re dating or just “hooking up.” I’m not gonna lie I didn’t learn much because the presenter was talking fast to make sure he got through everything.

Ed Block 5: The Future of Recruitment

This talk was about fraternity and sorority life moving towards a more technological process. Our presenter was saying that Greek life is cheaper than ever not only in cost but also in time, meaning the process of recruitment is a lot less work than it used to be. This session was only half an hour, so not much time to talk.

General Session 3: Because I Said I Would

This session was given by a man named Alex Sheen who founded the “Because I said I Would” company. He made cards that say that phrase at the bottom for people to write in promises to themselves like “I will stop thinking poorly of myself… because I said I would” and the non profit blew up. These cards are mailed to whoever wants them for no cost at all. He also raised enough money to buy 100 tickets to Disney for families of sick children who couldn’t afford it and walked across the state of Ohio to raise awareness for the three women who were kidnapped and kept for 10 years. His dedication to making the world a better place was so inspirational.

Ed Block 6: You Are What You Believe

This session was given by professional wrestler David Otunga. I don’t really know what this session was about because he just played videos of himself on TV and talked about his life the entire time.

Ed Block 7: Strong Girl Steps to a Stronger, more Confident and Happier You

I think this was one of my favorite ed blocks. We basically talked about ten steps to live a better life mentally and physically. I won’t list all the steps, but some included believe in yourself, identify your purpose and passion, and be resilient. I learned so much about becoming more confident, and it helped me get some new motivation to take care of myself.

Ed Block 8: Rise to Shine

My final session was all about happiness. We need to be a little happier in our lives in order to succeed. According to the speaker there are three G’s of happiness: Goal Setting, Gratitude, and Giving Back. Who doesn’t feel better when they know their path in life, they consciously think about what they’re grateful for that day, or they help others?

This conference was amazing and I was so glad I got the chance to attend. I got to come with 14 other students from UT most of which I’ve never met, and we all got really close by the end of it. I learned so much about myself, others, and Greek life and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity. So here I leave you with some of my favorite quotes from the weekend:

  • “Hipocracy and leadership are oil and water.”
  • “As leaders it’s not only your job to help others, but also their job to help lead you.”
  • “Your intent will influence your impact.”
  • “Leaders push they don’t pull.”
  • “We can’t learn from people who are perfect. We can only learn from those who are imperfect.”
  • “Are you who you’re supposed to be or are you yourself?”
  • “You can’t build a world class restaurant without a world class chef.”
  • “We always say ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow,’ but one day there is no tomorrow.”
  • “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”
  • “You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up.”
  • “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.”-Henry Ford


The Break

I’m currently sitting in the airport to head back to Tampa and it’s a pretty good feeling. While I love being home and getting to see my friends and family, I just have so much to be happy about at school. Not to mention there’s warm beaches in Florida where Connecticut has been a little too cold for that. 

I did a lot of different things this winter break that made it better than the last. I’m not gonna lie, when I was first coming home, I was a little apprehensive because I thought I would be so bored, but I wasn’t. I went back to my old job at crazy 8 which I love because I get to see a bunch of kiddos come in and help them pick out new outfits, and I also spent time with my friends doing random things here and there like movie nights and bowling.

The best part of my break was my internship at the State Attorneys office though. This was my first real life look at what may be coming after school and I loved it. I got to see a bunch of different things like jury selection and an entire trial my last week there. It’s scary to think I’m most likely graduating this December. That’s right, 11 MONTHS from now…. in the year 2017 I’ll be a college graduate. So I really needed this internship to help me realize what I want to do. 

I’m really excited to go back today because this semester I’m taking all criminology classes, two of which with my favorite teacher, so though it should be a lot of work, it’s also gonna be a lot of fun. It was a little hard leaving, just because I won’t see my family again until my cousins wedding on St. Patrick’s Day (which is gonna be great), and I haven’t seen my dad since the day after I got home in December. He comes home Tuesday, so I’m just missing him which sucks. Missing Erik who’s currently living in Georgia too. BUT, just wanted to update everyone on my life. Peace and blessings! 

Thankful for Turkey

It’s turkey day and after a rough semester, I can sit today and remember all the great things I really have going on in my life. I’m truly thankful for so many things including:

  1. My family- for always being there to FaceTime when I’m having a bad day and for welcoming me home like I never left
  2. My friends- both home friends and school friends (lol) for dealing with all of my shit and laughing at my dumb jokes always
  3. My dogs- for being the cutest pups in the world and attacking me every morning
  4. My school- for being so beautiful and warm and perfect
  5. My stuffed potato Spuddy- for letting me sleep with him every night whether I’m happy or sad
  6. Mac and Cheese- or really all food, for keeping me full and making my life great
  7. Criminals- for making me realize I wanted to study Criminology and giving me a path to walk life on
  8. Pi Phi- for being the greatest sorority in the country and forcing me to come out of my shell
  9. Panhellenic- for electing me to be on their new executive board and giving me something to do with my life for the next year
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas- for being my favorite movie
  11. Sleeping- for being my favorite thing to do and giving me something to look forward to each day
  12. My wool slippers- for keeping my feet warm even though they’re sitting in Florida right now
  13. Life- for being pretty cool


When a door closes, a window opens.

As some of you know, the past year I served as the Vice President of Event Planning for my sorority. This basically means that I planned all of our events from sisterhoods, to socials, to our formal (which is basically like prom but for college.) At first I went into the position thinking it would be a fun time, but quite frankly it wasn’t. While I was the “fun factor” of our chapter, it forced me to learn a lot about myself.

First of all, I was not as good at time management as I assumed I was. Try having to balance school work, a job, a decent sleep schedule, contracts, event venue shopping, decoration making, AND being the head of risk management all at once. There was definitely times I didn’t think I would be able to get everything done, but now I look back and I’m damn proud.

I also learned a lot about how nothing will ever make 100% of the people happy. No matter what you’re doing, there will always be someone who is displeased with your decision. I think I struggled the most with this, because I’m the type of person who feels sad when someone is sad with me, but I’ve learned to do what’s best no matter what.

I think I just grew up in general from having this position. I’ve never had so much responsibility, and it’s forced me to mature quite a bit. I just found out I was selected to be the next Vice President of Administration for Panhellenic at UT. Panhel is basically the board in charge of all sororities in the nation (theres 26 of us including Pi Phi), and I get to be one of the 10 women in charge of it at my school. I am beyond excited to continue to grow and step out of my comfort zone.

I just registered for my first semester of senior year (I’m ahead in credits,) and I’m starting to look into what I want to do with my life. It’s a really scary thought, and I think I keep pushing off talking to my advisors because I don’t want to grow up. I do have an internship lined up this winter break at a prosecutors office though, so hopefully that goes well! I don’t think I have much going on for the rest of the semester, but I’ll keep you guys updated with my shenanigans!


The Adventure of Absolutely No Adventure at All

I didn’t think I had been anywhere cool in the past two months, but after my dad begging me to blog again, I realized that being back in Tampa is an adventure in it’s own. Life here is unbelievably different than being back home, and I have been a happier, goofier version of myself since I’ve moved in.

I have A LOT of stuff going on in my life right now as I’m sure all of you have seen from my Facebook pictures. School is obviously the most important and that has been a little different than past semesters. It’s not that my classes are difficult. They’re almost a little too easy for it being Junior year. You would think I’d be working my ass off, but my classes never have any homework so I feel like the semester hasn’t even started even though midterms are in a week. I really don’t want to think about those, though…

Since classes are simple, I decided to get a job to help pay for my shopping and eating addictions. It doesn’t hurt that my parents let me bring the whip to school so I can drive myself around whenever I want. I’m working in the cutest little health food restaurant and I get to wear a visor to work everyday which is absolutely hilarious. I really enjoy it, and it’s keeping my mind busy.

College in itself is a wild adventure. I’m still being the crazy Kayla that I have been the past two years. I’m getting myself into trouble, but also getting myself into a lot of really great opportunities, which is necessary for every college kid. It’s been hitting me hard that I’m already in my third year. I don’t want to think about graduating and growing up, but the thought has been on my mind a lot lately. Hopefully these memories don’t fly past as fast as I’m thinking they will.

Anyway, that’s just a catch up on how my life has been going. You’re welcome for the update, Kevin Brown.